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Who We Are

Imagine if each of your days feels like “SUNDAY", a day where you just chill and enjoy. SUNDAY is dedicated to making it possible by creating a global community full of connections to master life skills and achieve life's goals.

Take a leap in your personal and professional life with SUNDAY

What we do

SUNDAY aspires to establish a platform for you to learn something new and of your interest.

Level Up

Grow together efficiently
Reform your mindset into progressive growth in your career and life. We motivate students across the globe to take up new challenges and come out of their shells.

Upskill through Network

Network and raise your Net Worth
Our community is a must for people who engage, learn, grow networks, share, and excel together. This allows student-student interaction leading to efficient learning. We guide you in every possible way thus, guaranteeing you your progress.

Value Zone

‘Off’ negative thoughts and ‘On’ progressive success
Boost your personality, ace the in demand skills offered easy and interesting, level up your life with Sunday.


Collaboration over Competition
SUNDAY stands as an example of healthy collaboration with and within the community. Feel free to collaborate with us. We look forward to working with you!


Attract and Advertise
We render opportunities to post your accomplishments, and daily goals in each domain, as well as help you in promoting them. You can promote your work by utilizing our platform.


We rise by lifting others
We not only want to help you, learners nurture and pursue your dreams but also want to help more people financially and we hope you will join hands to be a part of this good deed.

Our Works


SUNDAY’s youtube channel will quench your thirst in various aspects of life like mindfulness, career, finance, technology, law, fashion, relationships, money, work ethics, interview skills, recent news and trends and what not? Any field? We got it covered!

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SUNDAY Community


SUNDAY provides you the finest of the information and opportunities for your advancement, an interactive forum providing students and professionals with innovative and engaging content overall.

Community beyond classrooms

Update yourselves with our daily share of fresh content delivered straight into our community.

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